The "Duck Jerusalem"

Jewish and Arab Youth Theatre

فرقة مسرحية مشتركة لشباب عرب ويهود 

קבוצת תיאטרון משותפת לנוער יהודי וערבי

 مجموعة مسرحية لشباب يهودي وعربي  والتي تخلق معًا مسرحًا أصليًا قائمًا على الأحلام التي حلموا بها ، على قصص من حياتهم الخاصة، وقدرتهم على الابداع.
  بهذه الطريقة نصنع أنشطة مسرحية رائعة ولقاء عميق بين الثقافات.  كل عام نخلق عرض خاص بنا. 

  "المشاركة مجانية  "ومعترف بها على أنها "التزام شخصي

 اجتماعي من قبل بلدية القدس

المجموعة بقيادة المخرج آدم يخين ومرشدون مسرحيون محترفون
للانضمام: 0546104911

קבוצת תיאטרון נוער יהודי וערבי היוצרת יחד תיאטרון מקורי המתבסס על חלומות שחלמו, על סיפורים מחייהם האישיים' על אימפרוביזציות וכושר ההמצאה שלהם.

בדרך זו אנו יוצרים פעלות תיאטרונית מרתקת ומפגש בין תרבותי מעמיק. אנו מעלים כל שנה הצגה מקורית משלנו.


ההשתתפות ללא תשלום

ומוכרת כ"מחוייבות אישית" חברתית ע"י משרד החינוך.


הקבוצה מובלת על ידי במאים ומדרכי תיאטרון מקצועיים

להצטרפות: 0546104911 

המפגשים מתקיימים כל יום רבעי בשעה 16:30 במוזאון הטבע.  רחוב מהוליבר 6 ירושלים. 

Arab and Jewish youth  profoundly get to know each other and each other's culture, doing theatre together in a situation of openness and creativity. 

 We work only on original materials created in a long process by the kids themselves. Using dreams they have dreamt at night, stories from their personal lives, stories they write themselves or that have inspired them and improvisations.

Every Year since 2012 we have created one or two new original shows, preformed together at national festivals and before audiences. 

Participation is free of charge. 

Directors that have worked with the group;

Adam Yakin, Sarah Brown, Yonatan Beck, Li Lorian, Fulla Juaba.

Asistants: Urieb Suri, Hibah Salame. Michal Shukrun,

From former years


"Bus" tells nearly without words the joyful story of a group of school kids creating an imaginary bus and with it traveling, trying to reach their destination where they are supposed to perform a theatre show. All the characters are based on themselves. They create the bus, the entire youth bus ride ambiance and a lot of things that delay them from reaching their destiny, like a red traffic light that won't turn green, a stop by the sea, the bus gets stuck and wont ignite, they lose the way, an accident, a traffic jam….  Through these invented actions the creative characters of the performers themselves come to light. The show hides inside itself many incidents that have happened to them in their real life, like fainting on a trip, first bus ride to sleep without the parents, running half a marathon, ... and has been created in a year-long process of pure fun study sharing and improvisations.

The show is in gibberish with very few words in Arabic and Hebrew

 The Whish Tree
youth theatre jerusalem

The Whish Tree  tells the story of a group of kids that give their home to an old and ill lady. In return she gives them a seed. They plant the seed and instantly a wonder whish tree grows out from it. the tree sends the kids to the snow, the sea, a dark cave with a dragon, in a serie of adventures where they learn a lot about themselves. In the end they get back their home and and now they have the power to make seeds magical themselves. They invite the public to plant a (real)wish tree for a good future and life full of joy and adventure  

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arab jewish youth theatre jerusalem
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